Preventative Maintenance

“Out of sight, out of mind.”  This expression best describes your roof . . . until it starts to leak!

The lifespan of a roof should be between 20-25 years.  However, roofs that are not properly maintained may fail well in advance of their expected lifespan.

Replacing a roof prematurely is an unnecessary financial burden for building owners.

Regularly scheduled onsite inspections and maintenance can help eliminate this risk.

Let us create a customized maintenance package that will considerably prolong the life span of your roof!

Examples of our maintenance services include the following:

  • Remove debris, vegetation or other contaminants.
  • Unblock drains to avoid excessive water ponding.
  • Fix deteriorating surface areas, ballast displacement and/or insulation displacement.
  • Inspect and top up deteriorated pitch pockets.
  • Blisters: monitor and repair if necessary.
  • Repair holes, tears, splits and abrasions.
  • Replace deteriorated sealant and caulking.
  • Repair damage done by foot traffic.
  • Loose, missing or damaged metal flashing to be replaced or repaired.

Leaders in Quality and Service

We have roofed literally thousands of buildings ranging in size from five hundred square feet to five hundred thousand square feet.  In 70+ years of business, we have never appeared in court for a premature roof failure.

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