Covertite Safety Program 2019

75 Updated 2018-01 12.6 Subcontractor Selection Before being permitted to work as a subcontractor for our firm, certain criteria must be achieved: • Subcontractors must provide a W.S.I.B. Clearance Certificate – must be valid • Health, Safety and Environmental statistics (i.e. W.S.I.B. history statements) for the firm must be submitted – various performance indicators will be considered including number of fatalities, lost time injuries, medical aid injuries and modified duty injuries. • Health, Safety and Environmental programs to be submitted – careful review to be done to ensure program meets all legislative, regulatory and industry requirements. If any items are missing, they must be provided before subcontractors can be used. • Proof of training for workers – necessary records of training (e.g. Fall Protection, W.H.M.I.S., Basic Health and Safety Awareness) for each project must be shown as having been completed. Any workers not possessing necessary training will not be allowed on site. Covertite may carefully review all documentation received before selecting our subcontractors. Companies that show higher safety performances will have that considered during our selection process. If a subcontractor does not possess a Health and Safety manual of their own, they have to prove their understanding of the legislative Health & Safety requirements. The minimum for this is the Basic Health & Safety Awareness training outlined by the Ministry of Labour. Beyond that, they will receive training on our company Health and Safety program and acknowledge their understanding of it. Upon successful selection, subcontractors will receive site orientation that outlines health, safety, security and/or any environmental concerns. This must be done for every site the subcontractor works on. Covertite will ensure all subcontractors are aware of the site owner’s Drug and Alcohol policy. In addition to learning the specifics of this policy, subcontractors will be required to adhere to it at all times while on the work site. Subcontractors shall be included in hazard assessments and pre-job meetings to provide any safety concerns they may have and to be educated on every safety requirement the job provides. Any incidents on site involving subcontractors will be reported to the site owner. Covertite will participate in the subcontractor’s investigation and will document the notes associated with the incident. Post-job performance reviews will be done at the conclusion of every project for all subcontractors. Evaluation of subcontractors will include (but not limited to) quality of work, cost and safety performance. Factors to be gauged will include fall protection, housekeeping, hazard analysis and general safety conformance. The results of the evaluation will help in the selection of subcontractors for future projects.